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Pcr test Cork

It is universally accepted and necessary for foreign holidays, as well as flying, and must be taken and certified within 72 hours before departure. We also can supply the cert that enables you to travel. The PCR test we offer in Cork is the gold standard that determines whether you are currently not infected with the virus or has to isolate. Suitable also for casual contacts and asymptomatic patients. With same-day results available and bookings from Monday to Saturday, they allow for quick, easy, and accurate results.

Bike fitting

Here at our studio in Cork, a certified physiotherapist will do a bike fitting for you. Whether you are an amateur cyclist, or a professional, you can have it done in order to prevent injuries caused by an inappropriate sitting position. The service includes a movement and muscle screening, taking adequate measurements of your body and doing a saddle pressure mapping with an innovative software. You will also get a home exercise programmme designed especially for your individual needs and to support your musculo-skeletal system.

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